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About Label Kiss

 Label Kiss, is a luxury chic accessories and jewellery brand which is the brainchild of Archana Vijaya, fashion icon, trendsetter and entrepreneur. Founding team includes Shivam Sood, serial entrepreneur, angel investor & tech evangelist and Aakarshan Khanna, Brand Innovator & Experience Strategist.

Label Kiss seeks to enrich people’s lives by delivering timeless fashion right to their doorstep, office without them ever having to enter a store or mall again. We carry ready-to-wear jewellery, along with women and men’s accessories that include sunglasses, cufflinks, ties, hats, and scarves, hand-stitched and made affordable for all.

The Label Kiss experience will have a unique blend of personal offline interaction, and e-commerce, with the goal of making everything about shopping better for women and men. We are bringing this to life online and creating the ultimate shopping experience where customers can experience the Keep-it-Simple-and-Sexy vibe! We hope customers will get inspired and leave with a greater appreciation of their own personal style.

 If you're ready to join the revolution that Keeps it Simple and Sexy, sign up today at to experience more.